Mes: enero 2015

3D-ARCH’2015 (6th International Workshop) 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures, 25-26-27 February 2015, Avila, Spain

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Digital Heritage, 2015. Granada, Spain. International congress, 28 sep – 2 oct

Digital Heritage 2015, jointly with the affiliated Conferences and exhibitions which are held under one common management and registration, invite you to participate and contribute to the second international forum for the dissemination and exchange of cutting-edge scientific knowledge on theoretical, generic and applied areas of digital heritage.

A federated event of the leading scientific meetings in information technology for heritage, the Congress will bring VSMM, Eurographics GCH, Arqueologica2.0, Archaeovirtual, Digital Art Week and special events from CAA, CIPA, Space2Place, ICOMOS ICIP, and multiple others together in one venue with a prestigious joint publication. A ground-breaking public display of cutting edge digital heritage projects will also grace the conference venue at two museums: the museum Parque de las Ciencias de Andalucía and the museum of the Memory of Andalusia.

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